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Introducción de Desechos médicos

Desechos médicos

Medical waste refers to wastes directly or indirectly infected, toxic and other harmful to medical institutions in medical, preventive, health care and other related activities, including infectious, pathological, injurious, medicinal, and chemical. waste. These wastes contain a large number of bacterial viruses, and they have certain characteristics of space pollution, acute viral infection and latent infection. If they are not strengthened in management and discarded at will, they will be mixed into domestic garbage and dispersed into people's living environment, which will pollute. The atmosphere, water sources, land, and animals and plants cause the spread of diseases and seriously endanger the physical and mental health of the people.

Aplicación de trituración de Desechos médicos

Medicamentos médicos: gasas, medicamentos caducados, canales de animales, botellas de infusión, agujas de infusión humanas, tubos de infusión, etc.

Equipos médicos: reactivos químicos, desinfectantes químicos, esfigmomanómetros de mercurio, termómetros de mercurio, termómetros, tubos de ensayo de vidrio, etc.

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Escena del caso de trituración de Desechos médicos

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