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Asia's largest environmental exhibition will open in Shanghai on April 15th

Publicar hora: 2019-04-12

On the morning of April 8, the 20th China International Expo will be held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Shanghai. The conference will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on April 15-17.

With the theme of “Practicing Green Development and Serving Green Living”, this year's exhibition attracted 2047 environmental protection companies from 25 countries and regions. The exhibits cover water, solid waste, atmospheric, soil and noise pollution in municipal, industrial and rural areas. Governance solutions provide scientific and technological support for the country to fight the battle against pollution and create a green and healthy living environment.

Asia's largest environmental exhibition will open in Shanghai on April 15th

It is worth mentioning that, with the support of the Shanghai Eco-environment Bureau, it consists of 21 “Shanghai Environmental Protection Corps” including Shanghai Industrial, Baowu Environment, Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center, Shanghai Environmental Science Research Institute and Shanghai Municipal Government. The “Shanghai Pavilion” will make its debut at the International Exhibition and Exchange Platform of the Expo. From source management to technical equipment research and development, the innovative technologies and products of Shanghai environmental protection companies make beautiful China more intelligent.

At the meeting, Jiang Gang, general manager of China Trade Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. introduced that the Expo is a professional exhibition of industrial chain covering the whole theme of environmental pollution control. The exhibition covers “water, solid waste, atmosphere, soil and noise”. One integrated industrial chain ecosystem. The exhibition area of ​​the 20th China International Expo will reach 150,000 square meters, which is the second largest environmental exhibition in the world after the IFAT exhibition in Munich, Germany.

Aspect 1: Look at the central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and the industry

The data shows that the annual growth rate of China's environmental protection industry is close to 18%, and the growth rate of the environmental service industry is as high as 30%. Moreover, 60% of environmental governance needs have not yet been tapped by the market. What is certain is that China's environmental protection industry has a large market space to be released during the 13th Five-Year Plan period.

Among the exhibitors of this year's Expo, there are environmental protection equipment companies, engineering companies, operating companies, as well as design consulting, technology research and development institutions and other different companies. The proportion of central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, listed companies and top 100 enterprises has exceeded that of previous companies. The restructuring of China's environmental protection industry pattern that you are vying for is unstoppable.

Aspect 2: Blue sky governance, water environment management, environmental monitoring and other livelihood environmental technologies are still the highlights

The water body governance and blue sky governance, which are directly related to the people's living environment and health, are also the focus of the China Environmental Expo technology exhibition. It is reported that among the 2047 exhibitors of this year's Expo, there are 981 water environment management enterprises, accounting for 47%; there are 351 atmospheric management enterprises, accounting for 17%. Along with the new environmental protection law, water ten, ecological environment monitoring network, "Internet +" green ecology and other heavyweight policies, the number of exhibitors in the environmental monitoring field of this year's Expo has increased significantly, reaching 254. According to the prediction of the organizers, there will be more and more enterprises in the future to monitor the field of environmental monitoring, and the environmental monitoring industry has great potential.

Aspect 3: New fashion for garbage sorting

In 2018, the "Implementation Plan for Domestic Waste Classification System" promulgated by the State Council proposed that: at the end of 2020, the classified coverage of wastes in key cities that have been compulsory classification will reach over 90%, and the utilization rate of domestic garbage will reach more than 35%. On January 31, the "Regulations on the Management of Domestic Waste in Shanghai" passed the resolution and will be officially implemented on July 1. This marks that Shanghai has entered the “enforcement era” of garbage sorting, and has started a comprehensive battle against garbage sorting.

The work of waste sorting and reduction should test the promotion of social mobilization education, and it also depends on the advancement of science and technology to improve efficiency. At the World Expo in April, the entry of a group of intelligent waste sorting enterprises such as octopus recycling, Mr. Cat and Yanhang Intelligent will become a highlight of this exhibition. A new type of intelligent garbage sorting equipment will be exhibited at the exhibition. The Internet of Things and Internet convergence technology will be used to realize the active traceability of garbage dumping, and the waste sorting and recycling will be implemented through intelligent technology to make the garbage sorting in the new era more. Humanized and intelligent, in the era of wisdom, let garbage classification become a new fashion.

Aspect 4: Building a “Four New Platforms” to Boost China's Ecological Environment

The China Environmental Expo is aimed at providing enterprises in the environmental pollution control industry with “four new platforms” for China and the world – a platform for launching new products, a platform for new research and development, a platform for promoting new technologies, and a platform for exchange of new ideas. To promote the sustainable development of China's ecological environment.

On the launch platform of this exhibition, there will be 12 companies in the world to launch new products and technologies such as space capsules, intelligent sorting robots, integrated smart pump rooms, and create a platform for launching new products in the environmental protection industry.

The National Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Center exhibition area will be set up in this session, which will showcase the scientific research results of 19 national environmental protection engineering technology centers. The National Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Center is an important part of the national environmental science and technology innovation system. It is guided by the needs of the country and takes technological innovation as its purpose. It solves major scientific and technological problems in environmental protection, promotes the development of environmentally-friendly high-tech industries, and achieves national environmental protection goals. Provide technical support for sustainable development. Through the platform of the Expo, we will guide enterprises to cooperate with research institutes, increase investment in research and development, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and create a platform for new research and development.

This year's Expo will also set up a “Future Environmental Technology Zone” to target a healthy and comfortable society in the future, planning and designing the future city, self-sufficient heating system, future sewage treatment plant and sewage treatment system, and safe drinking water in cities. 8 major aspects such as supply system, urban domestic waste treatment system, urban three-dimensional greening and indoor fresh air system show the concept of future environmental technology application and some leading edge technologies and environmental technologies combining Internet + and artificial intelligence to create new technologies. Marketing platform.

The "2019 China Environmental Technology Conference" to be held in the same period of the exhibition will be guided by heavyweight guests, comprehensive topics and professional organizations, focusing on international environmental protection, water affairs, solid waste, atmosphere, soil remediation, environmental monitoring and innovation. The Seventh Sub-Forum of Technology will carry out more than 400 technical exchanges in 45 high-quality forums to create a communication platform for new ideas.

Aspect 5: International exchange platform to promote the introduction of environmental technology to go out

As the world's window to understand China's environmental protection industry, this year's Expo has successfully attracted 12 styles from more than 200 companies from Germany, the United States, Italy, Denmark, France, Canada, Japan, Austria, Switzerland and South Korea. The exhibition halls of different exhibitions are exhibited. At the same time, there are more than 400 international exhibitors in this exhibition. They will bring different environmental governance concepts and advanced technologies from all over the world.

GEP ECOTECH meets you at the 20th China International Expo

Asia's largest environmental exhibition will open in Shanghai on April 15th

IE Expo China 2019 The 20th China International Expo

Date: April 15-17, 2019

Exhibitor: GEP ECOTECH

Booth No.: E7 Hall C79

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai, China

This year's China International Expo, GEP ECOTECH's overall scale of participation is larger than last year, and more energy is invested. The company deliberately dispatched elite soldiers to form an exhibition project team and joined hands to meet this exhibition. At present, the work of the participating project team has entered the final stage of preparation. At that time, GEP ECOTECH will bring a series of intelligent solid waste solutions to the exhibition, and discuss the frontier development of solid waste disposal with the leaders of all circles, and look forward to establishing contacts and cooperation with more people of insight.

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