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Straw is forbidden to be incinerated, and biomass straw shredder assists straw conversion and reuse

Publicar hora: 2019-01-17

As a big agricultural country, China has abundant agricultural resources. During the harvest season, farmers will burn corn stalks and wheat stalks in the farmland. After the introduction of the straw ban, burning is not allowed. If the crop stalks are burned by themselves, they will be found fine and even severely detained. Therefore, in recent years, China has continuously increased various policies to increase the recovery rate of straw.

In fact, biomass energy utilization has been in China for decades, and its biomass energy is highly adaptable. It is suitable for various fields such as electricity, heat and gas. It is widely used. In the formulation of the strategy of revitalizing the countryside, biomass energy utilization has been taken as an important development direction. China has also taken biomass energy utilization as an important direction in the “Action Plan for Pollution Prevention and Control” and the implementation of the “Blue Sky Defence War” action plan.

Straw is forbidden to be incinerated, straw shredder assists straw conversion and reuse

At present, China has made great achievements in biomass energy. Although the industry has developed slowly and has a small scale, it can be found that the overall development of the biomass energy industry has made great progress. Up to now, China's biomass power generation has reached 17 million KW, and the annual power generation has reached 80 billion kWh. Among them, agricultural biomass power generation is about 7.5 million kW, waste power generation is about 9.5 million kW, and biogas power generation is 500,000 kW. In addition, the annual utilization of biomass forming fuel in China has reached 15 million tons. The annual production of biomass liquid fuels based on fuel ethanol and biodiesel also reached 4 million tons/year, and biomass natural gas has reached 100 million cubic meters per year.

With the continuous development of industrial machinery, the problem of straw treatment has been solved. Straw is processed into small pieces by straw shredder and used for processing raw materials in various industries. The straw recycling method is mainly “five-chemical”, that is, fertilizerization—direct or crushing, returning to the field, tanning or mechanism organic fertilizer; feedification – green yellow storage, micro-storage; energyization – briquetting, Biomass power generation, gasification furnace, biogas; base materialization - cultivation of edible fungi; raw materialization - paper making, plate making, alcohol production, carbon production, oil production, sugar production, etc.

The raw materials are common, the price is low, and the storage is abundant. It is a renewable resource. It can solve the employment of rural surplus labor, and the recovery of straw can directly increase the income of farmers, and it can also provide commercial clean energy for the construction of new rural areas in China. Jiepu intelligent biomass crushing and disposing production line Jiepu Environmental Protection has independently developed intelligent crushing equipment for biomass crushing, and has improved the feeding structure and crushing device of the crusher. The materials to be adapted are more extensive, and the bamboo, straw and cotton rod can be broken. Biomass raw materials such as straw have the advantages of convenient feeding, high yield and high crushing efficiency.

At present, Jiepu Environmental and the world's top 500 companies collaborate on biomass crushing projects to provide biomass fuel crushing solutions and complete disposal line equipment manufacturing for a number of biomass power generation projects, ensuring that the crushing disposal production line meets the customer's crushing needs. .

Characteristics of Jiepu Biomass Crushing Equipment

(1) The material has wide applicability and can be used to crush various biomass materials such as straw, cotton straw and straw.

(2) Large shear force, custom-made tools are strong and wear-resistant, reducing tool maintenance costs

(3) GEP patented intelligent control system, automatic production, high energy and low consumption

(4) Multi-sealed bearings, effective waterproof and dustproof, prolong the service life of bearings

After the straw raw material is crushed, it is in the form of a block, compressing the volume, saving storage space, facilitating transportation, saving transportation cost; high combustion efficiency, easy to burn out, less residual carbon; high energy density, continuous increase in combustion; emission of harmful gases during combustion Less, with environmental benefits; burned ash can be used directly as potash, saving money.

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