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The great adjustment on environmental policy, the plastic recycling industry is flourishing

Publicar hora: 2018-05-24

The waste plastic in sea is more than fish? You only can have photos with waste plastic when you are diving in the sea? The garbage belt in pacific is around 80 thousand ton? Nowadays, These all become the truth. With the rapid growing of waste plastic, land,high mountain and ocean are corroded. So it is not rumor that the earth is becoming a “plastic planet”.


Recently, The Ministry of ecology and environment launched the "cleaning waste action 2018", which has announced the four batch of 111 listing supervision problems. There is no doubt that each of them has something about waste plastic. With the opening of a new round of environmental inspection actions, the policies of various regions have been constantly adjusted, and the waste plastics industry is undoubtedly the key regulatory target. As a global problem, plastic pollution has affected all countries' nerves. The volume of plastic waste has increased rapidly from the generation, use and overflow of plastic products. As waste plastics are difficult to be degraded, landfills or incineration will cause "white pollution", which seriously endangering water quality, soil and atmospheric environment. Therefore, reducing the use of plastic products and alleviating the pollution of plastics has become a common social consensus.

China produces about 34 million 130 thousand tons of waste plastics every year, and its recycling capacity reaches more than 2487.8 tons, accounting for about 30% of China's plastic consumption. Recycling of waste plastics not only save resources, reduce environmental pollution, also provides a large number of work and entrepreneurial opportunities, which has played a vital role in the economic development of our country.

As GEP holds, in order to prevent plastic pollution, reduce plastic waste and solve the problem of garbage disposal properly, in addition to drawing lessons from the experience of developed countries to suppress pollution from the source, it is necessary to standardize the production and sales of plastics, increase the recovery and treatment of plastics, and improve the recycling rate of waste plastics. GEP introduced the North American urban shredding technology, and the intelligent plastic shredding equipment developed by ourselves used the working principle of cutting, tearing and extrusion between the tools, shredding the different sizes of plastic products into small pieces of material. The material was less than 50mm, saving storage and transportation space, and is very convenient for waste plastic to carry on further processing and be molded to produce various regenerated products.

With the closing of The 19th National Congress of CPC, the construction of ecological civilization and the protection of the ecological environment as an important task have been the key deployment. The green economy will get unprecedented opportunities for development in the next few years. With the continuous growth of waste plastics, recycling of waste plastics industry will become an important chapter in the green economy. In the turn of the global waste plastics industry, the waste plastics recycling industry will seize the opportunity and plan comprehensively. So it will thrive again with great hope.

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